Hardest job… So far

The hardest bike we have fixed so far is…
Customer: Andrew
Problem: Loose petals
Status: Fixed

Special thnx to Murray Stein for working all afternoon o help us fix the bike. Thanks Murry!

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Opie’s bike repair

Hi I’m Opie and I’m here to tell you about Opie’s bike repair. Opie’s bike repair is a home owned bike repair and wash Co. Now you’re probably thinking oh, there’s another expensive bike store we can ignore, BUT NO! Your price will vary on how big the problem is ,it could go from $5.00 to $20.00 who knows. But don’t spend that much! If you leave a comment to this post right now with a fifteen dollar purchase or more you will get $5.00 dollars off! So come to Opie’s for great prices,great deals and I’m %100 sure you will be satisfied with your purchase. So come to Opie’s bike repair today!

Happy biking

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